UIL Area Marching Contest Itinerary

Hey Falcons! Please see below from Mr. Bond's email for the upcoming UIL Area Marching Contest itinerary (Saturday, 10/27) ...

Congratulations to the band on a wonderful performance at the region marching contest and advancement to the area marching contest. On October 27, 2018 we will be competing at the UIL Area Marching Contest at Legacy Stadium. This performance is required for all eligible band members.


10:00 am – Band Hall opens

10:30 am – Rehearsal in Stadium

11:45 am – Eat/Pack/Load

1:00 pm – Depart for Legacy Stadium

1:15 pm – Arrive at Legacy Stadium/Unload

2:15 pm – Warm-Up Begins

3:00 pm – Prelims Performance!

3:15 pm – Load trucks/Change out of uniform/Go into stadium to watch end of prelims

5:45 pm – Finalists Announced

6:00 pm – Eat Dinner

At this point, our itinerary will be determined by whether we advance to finals or not. If we advance, we will set the schedule there and communicate to everyone our warm up and performance times.

If we advance to finals:

Sometime between 7:15 pm and 9:30 pm – Finals performance

10:30 pm – State qualifiers announced

11:15 pm – Depart for OTHS

11:30 pm – Arrive at OTHS/Unload

12:15 am – Approximate dismissal

If we don’t advance to finals:

7:15 pm – Go into stands to watch finals performances

10:00 pm – Depart for OTHS

10:15 pm – Arrive at OTHS

11:00 pm – Approximate dismissal

Necessary Items

____Spirit Shirt

____Performance Shorts

____Marching Shoes, cleaned and shined (Winds and Percussion)

____Black Socks (Winds and Percussion)

____White Gloves (Winds) or Guard Gloves (Colorguard)

____Appropriate Undergarments (Colorguard)

____Dance Shoes (Colorguard)

____Instrument, cleaned and in working condition with all necessary accessories

____OTHS Band Water Bottle filled with ice and water

____Garment Bag

We will have a chance to watch a few of the bands at this contest. Please be respectful of all of the performers on the field, as they have worked just as hard as us and deserve a captive, courteous audience. When in the stands, we will sit together as a group. You are encouraged to watch the bands critically, observing what they do well and what they could improve on, but not necessarily discussing out loud the weaknesses of other bands. It’s unprofessional, and you never know who may be sitting within earshot of your conversation.

As with all performances, parents, friends and other family members are absolutely encouraged to come watch the band. It is way more fun for the students to perform for a supportive, LOUD, and friendly crowd! Admission to the contest is $5.

Thank you!

Stephen Bond

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