Band News (week of 12/17-12/23)

Hey Falcons! Please see below from Mr. Bond's email for the week of Monday (12/17) through Sunday (12/23)...

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to get this week’s update out a little earlier as we head into the weekend.

First, I hope to see everyone tonight at the annual holiday concert! The show will begin at 7 and you will hear some wonderful music! Remember, if you joined the band boosters at the Sousa level or higher, you get reserved seats in the PAC. All reserved seats are marked with the student name.

Thank you to everyone for making Jingle Jam work this past weekend despite the less than ideal weather conditions. It is so great marching through the neighborhoods and seeing everyone come out of their houses to see the band and I’m proud of everyone for dealing with the weather to make that happen.


There are a handful of rehearsals taking place throughout the week. Please see Charms for a full calendar.

Solo and Ensemble Music

All wind and percussion students must turn in the original copy (piano part and solo part) of their solo on or before the date of their final exam. The music must be labeled with the student’s name and all measures should be numbered. If it is a multi-movement solo or out of a collection, please indicate which movement or title is being performed. Students will need to make a copy for their own practice before turning in the music. Students who attempt to turn in a copy or do not have their music appropriately marked will be turned away.

If you have had issues with solo and ensemble music being backordered, please just bring us verification that the music was purchased and is on its way and this will be sufficient for the final exam grade.


We will post audition results for spring band placement tomorrow. Please understand that the band directors work very hard to be completely objective during this process and if a student does not earn the band or chair placement they desire, the best thing to do is to reflect on their preparation and make a plan for getting to where they would like to be in the future. We video record all auditions and are very happy to sit down with students to discuss their performance and talk about what we heard and why they ended up with the score they earned. Please remember though that we cannot discuss other students’ performances during that time. If you would like to see our scoring rubric, it can be found in Charms titled “Grading Standards”.

Have a great weekend!

Stephen Bond