Band News - Week of 11-15-19

Good Afternoon,

Congratulations to the Tompkins Football team on a great win last night! As soon as the game between Lamar and Cy Falls has been played tonight, I will send out information regarding the next playoff game. Please note that we will add a full band rehearsal after school as well.

Congratulations also to all of our students who auditioned for the TMEA Region Orchestra on Monday! We had 12 OTHS Band members make the region orchestra and they will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with band and orchestra students from the other schools in our region this weekend. If you have the opportunity, please come out to CRHS tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:15 pm and 6:00 pm to hear these wonderful groups!

Tompkins Band members in the region orchestra:

Rowan Wilson, Oboe – Philharmonic

Fernando Colman, Bassoon – Philharmonic

Brandon Song, Clarinet – Philharmonic

Breanna Rowan, Trumpet – Philharmonic

Colby Mitchell, Horn – Symphony

Diego Benitez, Horn – Philharmonic

Hannah Kirby, Horn – Philharmonic

Diego Gonzalez, Horn – Philharmonic

Angie Bongiovani, Trombone – Symphony

Alyssa Smith, Trombone – Symphony

Aiden Keiser, Tuba – Philharmonic

Matthew Chovanec, Percussion – Philharmonic

Also, a huge congratulations to Colby, Angie and Aiden for earning area spots and the opportunity to audition for the TMEA All State Band in January!


Please see Charms for the upcoming weekly schedule

Solo and Ensemble Music

At this point, all musicians should have an idea of what they are playing for solo and ensemble and have turned in that information to Mr. Cherwink. Remember, all band members are required to play a solo at solo and ensemble contest.

If you are participating in the private lessons program, your lessons teacher should help you to decide what music to play at the contest. If you are not in lessons, you may play any solo of your choosing off of the UIL PML or the piece that the directors have selected for your instrument and ability level. Once you have decided what music you are playing, you can purchase yours at and

Students also have the option of playing in an ensemble. While not required, this is a wonderful opportunity to develop their skills in a chamber music setting. When choosing an ensemble, be sure you are playing in a group with people that you trust and are committed to the success of the ensemble. It can be extremely frustrating when one person in a quintet decides they are not going to prepare or consistently misses rehearsals. This leaves the other four in a tough situation because their success is being affected by one person.

UIL requires that all performers provide an original copy (no photocopies) of their solo to their judge when they perform. You are, however, allowed to perform off of a photocopy. Once you purchase your music, make a copy of the solo part and put it away. The only thing you should write on the original music is your name, “Tompkins High School Band”, and the measure numbers. Students will need to turn in their original piano and solo part on or before their semester exam date. THIS WILL BE YOUR SEMESTER EXAM GRADE.

Jingle Jam

Information for the upcoming Jingle Jam March-A-Thon can be found soon on the band website at This year the event will take place inside the Highland Park neighborhood across the street from OTHS. If you live along the route and would like to purchase a concert, please go to the website and do so. A detailed route map will be on the website very soon.

Students will need to have a red or green shirt for the march-a-thon. The only writing on the shirt should be holiday related. Otherwise the shirt should be blank. Students will also be allowed to “decorate” their instruments with lights (only). Please be smart about this and don’t do anything that is going to damage your instrument. Also, be aware that you will need to have battery power for the lights, as you will not be able to plug them into an outlet while you are marching.

Upcoming Concerts

For the holiday concert on December 12, students will need to wear “Sunday best” clothes. This means slacks, dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes for gentlemen and a dress, skirt and blouse, or dress pants and dress shirt for ladies (no open toe shoes). If you do not currently have the necessary clothing, this may be a good time to go out and get what you need with all of the holiday sales going on.

Students will also need specific clothing for our formal concerts in the spring. The band will provide gentlemen with a tuxedo jacket and pants. You will need to provide a white tuxedo shirt, bow tie and black dress shoes. The band will provide ladies with a dress. You will need to provide black, closed toe flat dress shoes.

Fall Formal Pictures

I hope everyone had an awesome time at the fall formal last weekend! Thank you to all of our parents who planned and put together this amazing event! If you did not get your pictures from the photo booth, then you can find them by clicking on this link:

Amazon Smile

Remember, if you are shopping on Amazon for the holidays, go to, enter the Tompkins Band as your non-profit of choice, and go from there. We will receive a percentage of all purchases made through this website with no additional cost to you! Amazon Prime and other special programs are still in effect with this. You must use every time after this in order for us to get any benefit. If you go to or use the iPhone app, it doesn’t work. However, if you have an Android phone, you can set up Amazon Smile on your app. For instructions on how to do so, please go here (Thank you Cassie Blackwell for the tip!).

Have a great week!

Stephen Bond