Band Update 12/16/2019


There are a handful of rehearsals taking place throughout the week. Please see Charms for a full calendar.

We will have our next spirit night at Chuck Wagon BBQ on Tuesday night (December 17) from 5pm-9pm. If you haven’t been there recently, you should definitely check it out. Great food and if you mention the OTHS Band, we will receive a portion of your purchase price.

Region Band Results

This past weekend, many members of the Tompkins Band participated in the TMEA Region 23 Band auditions held at Paetow High School. This ended up being a very successful two days for us as we had a great number of students earn spots in each of the organizations (region band, freshman region band, area band). In total, we had 48 students earn spots in one of the region bands (12 in the Wind Ensemble, 21 in the Symphonic Winds, 15 in the Freshman Band).

This audition was actually a part of the TMEA All State process, which determines which students will perform in the TMEA All State Band in February. The top students on each instrument earned Area spots and will audition in January for the opportunity to perform with the All State Band. This year, we had 14 students earn Area spots.

This is a process that began in July and for many will continue into January and it is one of the most important things that we do to increase the performance level of the band as a whole. While not everyone who auditioned earned a spot in a region band, everyone who went through this process should be commended for their hard work and commitment.

Here are the results:

Wind Ensemble

Jessica Anderson, 8th Chair Flute

Rowan Wilson, 1st Chair Oboe – Area Spot

Brandon Song, 5th Chair Clarinet – Area Spot

Richard Zhang, 9th Chair Clarinet – Area Spot

Evan Mulvey, 1st Chair Bass Clarinet– Area Spot

Ross Giluso, 4th Chair Trumpet – Area Spot

Daniel Martin, 10th Chair Trumpet – Area Spot

Hannah Kirby, 8th Chair Horn – Area Spot

Alyssa Smith, 4th Chair Trombone – Area Spot

Aiden Keiser, 2nd Chair Tuba – Area Spot

Kevin Reyes, 4th Chair Percussion – Area Spot

Kyle Kendall, 6th Chair Percussion

Symphonic Band

Sarah Rogers, 1st Chair Piccolo – Area Spot

Vishay Ram, 1st Chair Flute

Heidi Valstar, 11th Chair Flute

Chris Jerrells, 1st Chair Oboe

Fernando Colman, 4th Chair Bassoon

Audrey Hidajet, 2nd Chair Clarinet

Yifan Zhang, 7th Chair Clarinet

Alex Yanez, 10th Chair Clarinet

Devin Gee, 13th Chair Clarinet

Brenna Colihan, 1st Chair Trumpet

Breanna Rowan, 4th Chair Trumpet

Matthew Woodworth, 12th Chair Trumpet

Shaughnessy Dunn, 13th Chair Trumpet

Colby Mitchell, 3rd Chair Horn – Area Spot

Diego Benitez, 10th Chair Horn

Triston Shealey, 1st Chair Trombone

Angie Bongiovanni, 2nd Chair Trombone – Area Spot

Evan Romain, 5th Chair Trombone

Tyler Luong, 8th Chair Trombone

Giancarlo Iannini, 1st Chair Bass Trombone – Area Spot

Jared Kloehr, 4th Chair Euphonium

Freshman Band

Molly Gray, 1st Chair Flute

Lilly Nove, 5th Chair Flute

Taryn Hozdic, 1st Chair Oboe

Spencer Cruz, 5th Chair Clarinet

Jonathan Wang, 10th Chair Clarinet

Isaac Smith, 6th Chair Trumpet

Timothy Gleasman, 8th Chair Trumpet

Alaina Rowan, 2nd Chair Horn

Jiayang Sun, 3rd Chair Horn

Eucharist Tan, 7th Chair Horn

Austin Kim, 5th Chair Trombone

Thomas Colihan, 1st Chair Bass Trombone

Tung Le, 1st Chair Euphonium

Garrett Shaikh, 4th Chair Tuba

Matthew Chovanec, 7th Chair Percussion

Movie Night

Due to lack of ticket sales, movie night on Saturday has been cancelled. OTHSBBO treasurers will be contacting people who did purchase tickets to work out refunds.

Solo and Ensemble Music

All wind and percussion students must turn in the original copy (piano part and solo part) of their solo on or before the date of their final exam. The music must be labeled with the student’s name and all measures should be numbered. If it is a multi-movement solo or out of a collection, please indicate which movement or title is being performed. Students will need to make a copy for their own practice before turning in the music. Students who attempt to turn in a copy or do not have their music appropriately marked will be turned away.

If you have had issues with solo and ensemble music being backordered, please just bring us verification that the music was purchased and is on its way and this will be sufficient for the final exam grade.

Have a great week!

Stephen Bond

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