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Participation in the following activities earn points towards receiving your Awards Jacket. A total of 15 points is required to qualify for one.



Honor Organization Participation: Points Earned/Year

(Points will be awarded for highest position earned each year)


Freshman All-Region Band = 2
HS TMEA All-District Band = 2
HS TMEA All-Region Band = 8

HS TMEA All-Area Band 12 HS TMEA All-State Band = 15

Individual Music Competitions: UIL Regional Solo and Ensemble 


Division I:
Class I Solo (by memory) = 6 pts.

Class I Solo (w/music) = 5 pts.

Class II Solo = 4 pts.
Class III Solo = 3 pts.

Division I:

Class I Small Ensemble = 3

Class II Small Ensemble = 2

Class III Small Ensemble = 1

Division I:

Medium Ensemble =2

UIL State Solo and Ensemble


Division I: Solo = 5 pts.

Small Ensemble = 3 pts.

Division II: Solo = 3 pts.

Yearly Participation:


To receive participation points, students must have successfully completed one year, enrolled in the band program, fulfilling all responsibilities as defined by the campus band director and printed in the campus band handbook.


Ninth (9th) grade year = 2
Tenth (10th) grade year = 2

Eleventh (11th) grade year = 2
Twelfth (12th) grade year  6
12th grade (w/ 3 previous yrs. successful completion) = 10

Symphony (Full) Orchestra = 1

Total points earned: ____________

(A total of 15 points is required to qualify for an Awards Jacket.)


I. Two (2) consecutive fall semesters of Crimson Pride membership and full participation as defined by the band director and dance director.

II. Write an essay on, “What the dance company has taught me and what I have to offer the dance unit.” This essay must be typed, double-spaced, and at least 1 page in length. And you must request director approval. The form to fill out that requires signatures from the directors can be found in the OTHS BAND HANDBOOK.

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