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  • The district provides uniforms for high school music groups and these are mandatory for participation in band performances. Students will be charged for maintenance and cleaning. Crimson Pride members are responsible for providing their own uniform during each season (paid through fees).

  • Each student is responsible for repair or replacement of any damaged or unreturned uniform or accessory.

  • Marching uniforms will be stored in the band hall and issued before each performance. These uniforms will be returned after each performance prior to leaving the school.

  • Students will wear the purchased performance shorts and shirt only under their marching uniform. Students are encouraged to purchase multiple performance shirts and shorts in case they are lost or damaged. In addition, students will provide their own black socks. No colored logo of any kind is acceptable. Socks must rise at least to the middle of the calf.

  • Jewelry, including “cause” bracelets, watches, class rings, and any visible pierced jewelry must be removed before dressing in the uniform. Fingernail polish and make-up are prohibited.

  • Students are responsible for personal accessories that will be ordered at start up. These include marching shoes, white gloves and the performance shirt and shorts. These items are expected to be cleaned and in excellent condition for each performance. Other personal accessories, such as tuxedo shirts for concert season, need to be purchased independently.

  • Students are forbidden from eating or drinking in uniform. The only exception to this is water and snacks that are provided by the band boosters before or after a performance. Also, students should refrain from doing anything that would draw negative attention to themselves, including using offensive language, acting out, engaging in “PDA”, or running. In addition, the uniform should always be worn completely, without any missing parts. Specific directions will be given as to what that students are to be wearing before, during or after a performance, and these directions should be followed without exception.


Uniforms must be turned in after each performance. Students will be responsible for replacement of any missing or damaged uniform parts.

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